We are some young Malayari who decided to take a small step for our city.
But what happened to start this online store?

Sometimes, some of our friends in other cities asked us to prepare safe grape juice or completely organic raisins from Malair and send them to them. We also always sourced the best products from rural and local producers to show them what delicious and first-class products the villages of Malair have.

But this made us realize an important problem:
Many people don’t know a safe way to get local products and that’s why they stop buying. On the other hand, the supply of some low-quality products under the name of local product can damage the reputation of a city.

So we got down to business and launched this online store to achieve two important goals:
1- Supplying first-class and quality products to show the right image of our city of Malair.
2- To provide the basis for the sale of local products for the villagers of Malairi and help in the sustainable development of their livelihood.

On the other hand, selling Malair souvenirs is an excuse for us to talk about Malair. For this reason, in the blog section of the site, we seriously discuss the historical and cultural topics of Malair and we have placed a short note next to each product to point out a point of the history and culture of Malair. This issue has even been effective in choosing our name.

Why Sheikh Ali Mirza?
Sheikh Ali Mirza is the name of the first ruler of Malayer. His father was Fath Ali Shah Qajar and his mother was Maryam Khanum (the daughter of the leader of the Zand tribe). Usually in Malair, the names of Karim Khan Zand, Seifieh, Nushijan, etc. are common names due to their historical events. But Sheikh Ali Mirza was a less heard name for many people. This is why we chose this name for our activity.

Souvenirs of Malair
The historical valley of Jozan has been one of the prosperous centers of grape cultivation since at least 800 years ago. Villagers and clans living in this area achieved a unique system in this area over hundreds of years by producing various grape products and optimizing agricultural land. For these reasons, the World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), after scientific studies, chose Jozan Melair valley as one of the world agricultural heritage.

Grape production in Jozan Melair valley has a different situation compared to other parts of Iran. Production stages, history, higher yield per hectare, gardeners’ skills in preparing by-products and sugar standard level are among the factors that have made Jozan Valley raisins and grapes a unique product in all of Iran.

Report of the World Food Organization (FAO)